How much wool is enough to pack for my 12 months trip?

Oh the dilemma that I face in a couple of months when I have to pack my suitcases (one medium, one small and one bag pack) for my world trip for 12 months.

I was thinking of around the 1kg mark of wool, which would mean I could take ten 100gram skeins of sock yarn. This is the only thing that I pretty much have left in my stash now. Did I tell you that I am addicted to sock yarn, no, well yes I am!!!

Sock yarn stash

Sock yarn stash

So the first country on our list is New Zealand, which will be fine as I will be able to purchase some lovely home grown New Zealand wool and I will be on the hunt for some unique Indie Dyers that I can purchase from.

The next two cities will be Penang in Malaysia and Chaing Mai in Thailand. Not sure I will be able to purchase wool from these countries, well any indie dyed wool that is.

Then we hope to go to Japan, so looking forward to replenishing my stash by the time we get there. Then it will be Europe and the UK, so all good there for purchasing.

So I reckon 1 kg should keep me busy for the time being.


I think there just might be some room for my clothes!!

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