Second Sock Syndrome

I am now 5 weeks in on my round the globe trip and have been loving being back in my home country of New Zealand.

Have had plenty of time to just relax and hang with my mother and this has given me an abundance of time to do some more knitting of my passion at the moment socks!!  But what has now happened is that I have now discovered that I have second sock syndrome.  Oh no!!  This has come about because I have knitted one sock and then keep seeing new pattern ideas on Instagram and Ravelry. Dam you Ravelry for making it so easy to download new patterns.

So here are a few of what I have started:

Second Sock Syndrome

Second Sock Syndrome


Top left is the pattern is “Parthenon Socks” by Jill Wright and the wool is  “Mango Sorbet” by NaturalFibreArts (one of my favourite Australian Indie Dyers)

Middle is the pattern “Celtic Climbers” by Lisa K Ross and the wool is “Frog Pond” by OfGraceAndStitches who is a fairly new Indie Dyer from USA, but definitely well worth checking her out on Etsy as her wool is amazing.

Bottom is the pattern “Smooth Operator” by Susan B Anderson.  The is definitely my all time favourite sock pattern so far.  It is so easy to knit up and so versatile.  The wool is “Haunted Mesa” by Savvyskeins.  I was lucky enough to receive this in a woolswap parcel I received.  Love the colour ways in this one.

Just so that I can prove to myself that I can knit the second sock have finished one and cast on the mate straight away.


I have now put a self imposed ban on starting any  new sock pattern until all the mates to the above socks are finished.  Wish me luck with that!

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