Who does not like getting a parcel?

That’s right, put your hand up if you do not like getting a parcel.  Lucky I can’t see you as I’m not sure I have ever met anybody that does not like receiving parcels in the mail.  Even better, what about the idea of receiving a surprise parcel containing something that you are passionate about?  Goodness I am super excited all ready, just thinking about it.

What about the joy of choosing some wool goodness that is specifically for your fellow woolswapper and then knowing that you are spreading joy to other people from around the world.

This is what has happened to fellow Woolswappers who have already joined the wool swapping revolution and who have received and given amazing parcels in previous swaps.

Just have a look at some of these great swaps.


So if you are interested in giving and receiving a parcel from like minded wool swappers, who will understand your likes and interests, join up today as the third round of Woolswap, (and last round for 2016),  is now taking registrations until 15th November 2016.

As you can see the possibilities are endless of what you can send and receive, so don’t delay, join up today to be apart of  the wool swapping revolution.


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