Local Yarn Store in Athens

My mission on my twelve months trip around the globe,  is to try and find at least one local yarn store in the city that we travel to.

Upon wondering the streets of Athens recently on a Sunday we came across this local yarn store that had a really cool sign on their roller door. You see the shop was closed on a Sunday.

So was super excited about this and was definitely going to go back (minus my partner, so I could browse through this lovely store at my own leisure!!).  A couple of days later I managed to find my way back to this local yarn store, all by myself with no trouble at all.  Sometimes getting lost in a strange city is easy to do.

Well I was amazed at their selection and how friendly the owner Joseph was.  He was very chatty and advised me that this was a family run business and had been going for over 35 years.  He was interested in my story about travelling for 12 months and was very interested in all the places we had been to so far.  Ended up being in this store for ages as I could just not choose what to purchase.  Decisions, decisions, this is definitely a hazard for all yarn lovers when they enter their local yarn store, I am sure of that!

Here are a few more shots of inside this fabulous local yarn store.

I would definitely recommend that you visit this store if you are visiting Athens.


Mallia Sakalak Athens Greece (Sakalakwool shop)

30 Kolokotroni st.Athens


Until next time happy knitting



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