Greetings from Liverpool.

Wow, it has been awhile since I last wrote my blog, but as some of you are aware, my partner and I have been on the road traveling since September 2016 and have finally made our way over to the UK. We have just under four months left of our trip to go before we have to head back to our home in Brisbane.

The countries we have visited so far have been as follows:

New Zealand
Hong Kong

We have had so much fun so far exploring other parts of the world that are foreign to us, both in language and culture.

Have visited numerous yarn stores on my travels, but am now super excited as am now able to visit some wonderful yarn stores here in the UK. In fact, we plan to head to Manchester for the day on Friday and I am definitely going to visit Countess Ablaze and make a few purchases for sure. Whilst in Bath a few weeks back, I was able to purchase my first ever Hedgehog Fibres yarn from a wonderful store called A Yarn Story.

During my travels, I have held 5 successful Woolswap’s and am happy to report that this business is growing steadily each time.

Have knitted numerous pairs of socks, started a Find Your Fade Shawl and a Featherweight Cardigan.

Progress on my Find Your Fade Shawl

My Featherweight Cardigan, so far, using up my sock yarn scraps

Here is a picture of myself and partner Dean when we did the Magical Mystery Beatles Bus Tour the other day. After all, Liverpool is the home of the Beatles and we could not miss going on this tour.

Myself and Dean on the Beatles tour in Liverpool

If you want to see more photo’s about our travels so far, head on over to our other site called Spottedtravelling

Until next time happy knitting and crocheting.

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