Can you participate in a minimalist Woolswap? The answer is yes you can.

Over the past few months, I have been seeing on my social media feeds a swing towards people wanting to become minimalists.  This movement does appeal to me as I have been falling into this bracket for the past few years.

In 2010, I decided to not buy any new things for a whole year.  The only exemptions were if something wore out (like shoes for example) I could replace them.  I found this quite liberating and I ended up saving quite a bit of money as well.

Now when I am not travelling out of two suitcases, I live in a 69sqm apartment.  Seven years ago there was a fire in the apartment complex, where we had to leave the apartment for 9 months.  This came as a real shock about how much clutter we had, that in fact had no immediate impact on our lives.  So my partner and I took it upon ourselves to de-clutter. Getting rid of the stuff we were not using and to purchase more streamlined furniture that had plenty of storage. To make the most of our small space was made a priority.  I also had a rule that if I purchased anything new that came into the apartment that something had to go out. So one thing in, one thing out become my new mantra.

In relation to my business Woolswap, I have had a few Woolswappers mention that they would like to only do a minimalist Woolswap.  So one skein of yarn and a few little extras. It was expressed that this was because they had plenty in their yarn stash (which I’m sure quite a few of you can relate to).  I have also been seeing in my Woolswap feeds that people are wanting to have a go at not buying any more yarn in 2020, but just focusing on using up what they have in their stash.

Now, this was something that I was excited about. Even though you might be seeing heaps of lovely woolswap parcels with quite a few skeins of yarn, for some people this can be quite daunting and intimidating.  So in the next coming Woolswaps, I will be adding a new option on the registration form. This will just give an extra option for any minimalists out there an extra option. 

The price will remain the same as the one swap, but it will just help Woolswapin the matching process.   Please note that this will not limit you to just sending one skein of yarn. With communication with your Woolswapper you will be able to work out how much to send to each other etc.

Happy Woolswapping Everybody

A simple minimalist Woolswap package
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