What to put in your Woolswap package?

Are you stuck on what to put in your Woolswap package? Well, look no further as here are some wonderful ideas for you. This is based on a recent Woolswap package that I was lucky enough to receive from my very own Woolswapper from the January 2021 round.


So one of the requirements of Woolswap is that you must send 100 grams of yarn to your Woolswapper as a minimum. My biggest tip for you (especially if you are new to Woolswapping), is to always agree with your Woolswapper prior to sending how much yarn you want to send each other. Believe me, this will save any disappointments when you both receive your Woolswap packages.

For this particular swap we agreed to send five skeins of yarn. We also agreed that we would send most of it being the same colour and yarn so that we could make a project that we had in mind. I was so spoilt as you can see from the picture below as got enough to make a short sleeved tee. The pattern for this that I am going to choose is still unknown yet, but I do have a couple in mind. But that is for another story….

The yarn I got is from all Canadian indie dyers (my Woolswapper was from Canada). The pink coloured yarn is from Yarn Indulgences. The black is from Polka Dot Creek. I was so excited to get this one skein as I am currently making a jumper that has black in it and I think I will run out. This matches perfectly. The last skein is a bright and fun striped skein from Good Fibrations Fibre Arts.

Project Bags

Any knitter or crocheter will tell you that you can never have too many project bags. In this package from my new Canadian friend, I received not one, but four project bags. A lovely hand printed calico drawstring bag from Madder Root. Another beautiful handmade bag from The Loop Modern Fibre Craft. A cute blue, fluoro green mesh bag, which looks like I could use as a makeup bag. The last bag is so cool as it is a tiny triangle-shaped bag that contains a tape measure. Super cute indeed!


Any extras you get with your Woolswap package, to me are an added bonus. In this package I got the following:

  • Chocolate
  • Notebook
  • Highlighter tape
  • DIY knit necklace
  • Beauty masks
  • Project Keepers
  • Needle stoppers
  • Lip Balm
  • Emergency hook
  • Wool Wash
  • Buttons

I hope you get some ideas on what to put in your next Woolswap package from this article. Remember the level of putting together a successful Woolswap Package is limited only by your imagination and no act of kindness, however big or small, is ever wasted.


There are affiliate links in this article. Woolswap is an affiliate for Etsy. 

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