Today, I wanted to talk to you about some items that you can put in your Woolswap package. If you are new to Woolswap and are a bit uncertain as to what to put in here are my top 5 things I like to add to my package. Even if you are a seasoned Woolswapper, it is good to get some different ideas as to what to add to your Woolswap package.

1. Yarn (of course!!)

Yarn is a requirement of the Woolswap package. Depending on what you want to send, the minimum requirement is 100grams of yarn. Now, what I do when I swap is that I contact my Woolswapper prior to sending. We then work out how much we want to send each other. I find that this removes any disappointment if one Woolswapper has sent more or less with their Woolswap package. This helps also so that you can work within your budget as well.

yarn the main hero of the Woolswap package

2. Project Bags

Now I don’t know about you, but I just love project bags. Especially handmade ones. Since taking back up my knitting journey over the last 10 years, I now have a fabulous collection of project bags for all of my knitting projects. I love popping one or sometimes two in a Woolswap package. There are some amazing project bags from around the world, so I challenge you to find a fun and quirky bag especially for your Woolswapper.

handmade project bags are the best

3. Notebooks

Now notebooks are very versatile. You can look at some of the specifically knitting journals or just a plain cute journal. Every knitter and crocheter will certainly find a need for these. Even though we live in a digital age, journals are still very popular with a lot of people. So next time you are stuck for something to put in your Woolswap package, pop a journal in and I reckon this will put a smile on your Woolswappers face.

Journals come in all range of styles and sizes

4. Tea/Coffee

Most people love a hot cuppa of something. Whether it be tea or coffee, this is a great additive to your Woolswap package. I personally love tea. I love sitting down with a nice cup of tea whilst knitting. It is also great to try some new and exciting teas/coffees from around the world. Also of course sweets, chocolates and savoury treats work a treat as well.

Love trying new teas from around the world

5. Knitting Needles/Crochet Hooks

Check with your Woolswapper what size needles or hooks they might like and pop some knitting needles in their Woolswap package. You could get them some circular, straight, or double-pointed ones. Needles are small enough and would be a great tool to add to anybody’s stash.

Knitting Needles

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