Hello my name is Gayle Stone and knitting is my passion.

I am an expat Kiwi who has lived in Brisbane for the last 22 years and love all things to do with knitting.  My greatest passion at the moment is knitting socks.

My partner and I are currently taking a 12 months career break from our normal 9-5 job and are travelling the world.   I have been working in the Insurance industry for over 22 years now and feel it is time to explore this fantastic world of ours.  I will be blogging about our progress as we go along, so hope you will come along with us for the journey.

Wool swap is an idea that came about after I recently participated in another yarn swap and really loved the concept that I could bring so much joy to a fellow knitter from across the world, hence Wool Swap was born.

Also most importantly, I love the fact that I would be helping complete strangers bring so much joy to other fellow knitters as they are matched up with their own woolswapper, where they can send them some wool goodness in the mail. Let’s face it who doesn’t love receiving packages in the mail?

My goal is to bring fellow knitters from all walks of life together, who share the love of wool and who knows you may even make some friends for life.

On my journey around the world, I will be trying to visit as many wool shops and wool markets as I can and if you are a wool shop owner or indie dyer (as I have been known to purchase a few skeins from some indie dyers around the world already)  and are interested in me visiting and promoting your shop on my site, please contact me via the contact page as would love to hear from you.

With the dying age of parcel deliveries, who would not want to keep this old art of knitting and sharing of presents through the mail alive?

Your goal is to enjoy scouring your stash or purchasing some new and delightful wool to send to your new found woolswapper friend.

If this sounds like you, please register to be the first to know when registrations are open through out the year.