About Woolswap

Discover the Passion of Gayle Stone: Ex-Pat Kiwi with a Knitting Passion

Welcome to Woolswap, the passion project of Gayle Stone, an ex-pat Kiwi living in Brisbane for over 28 years. Recently now located in Perth in Western Australia. With an immense love for knitting and an obsession with knitted socks, Gayle founded Woolswap in 2016 during her around-the-world travel adventure with her partner Dean.

Bringing Joy Across Borders: How Woolswap Was Born

The idea behind Woolswap was simple yet beautiful: to bring joy to fellow knitters, crocheters, weavers and spinners across the globe through an online platform. Gayle envisioned a way for yarn lovers to connect, become Woolswappers, and exchange delightful packages filled with woolly goodness. The best part? These connections would be made between strangers. Allowing the joy of yarn crafting to transcend borders.

Embracing the Magic of Surprise: Sharing Yarn Goodness via Mail

For Gayle, the joy of receiving a package in the mail is unmatched. She wanted to keep this age-old tradition alive and extend it to the knitting community. Hence, Woolswap was born as a platform where yarn lovers could unite, share their love for yarn, and make lifelong friends.

Crafting Bonds that Last: Building Lifelong Friendships

Gayle’s ultimate goal is to foster a sense of unity among yarn lovers from diverse backgrounds. All united by their shared love for wool. She believes that in this digital age, the old art of knitting and the joy of sharing presents through the mail should continue to thrive.

Join the Woolswap Community: Register for Updates and Exclusive Opportunities

So, whether you’re excited to dive into your stash or eager to explore new and delightful wool, Woolswap is the perfect place for you. Join us by signing up for our newsletter to be the first to know when registrations open throughout the year. Let’s keep the yarn-crafting spirit alive and create lasting connections within the community.

Unleash Your Creativity: Scour Your Stash or Find New Wool for Your Woolswapper Friend