When Did You Start Knitting?

When did you start knitting? Are you able to recall when you started knitting and who taught you? I was taught to knit by my grandmother and my mother in the late 1970s. Having grown up in a colder climate on the South Island of New Zealand, I soon discovered how wonderful it could be to knit something that looked good and kept me warm at the same time. When I first started working I quickly would put aside money to purchase enough wool. Sometimes putting it … Read More


IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER YARN GIVEAWAY That’s right it is time for another yarn giveaway at Woolswap. This yarn giveaway is held over on Woolswap’s Instagram account. Once a month I try to hold these giveaways. In collaboration with Indie Dyers and fantastic creatives from around the globe. They all come from the fabulous yarn … Read More


Hand-dyed merino yarn dyers. Today I am going to mention some wonderful merino yarn dyers that I have come across online. I have some of their beautiful yarn in my own personal yarn stash. Now it is just by chance that they are all from Australia. But hey what is wrong with supporting local small … Read More


My top 3 stitch marker makers. Whilst searching for stitch marker and project keeper makers, I have come across some wonderful creative small businesses in this field. I wanted to keep a supply of these beautiful accessories to have on hand. On the ready to pop into any Woolswap package that I might happen to … Read More

What to put in your Woolswap package?

Are you stuck on what to put in your Woolswap package? Well, look no further as here are some wonderful ideas for you. This is based on a recent Woolswap package that I was lucky enough to receive from my very own Woolswapper from the January 2021 round. Yarn So one of the requirements of … Read More

Knitting Stationery

I have been on the hunt for some lovely knitting stationery for a while now. You see I have taken up my old past- time of snail mail. I used to do a lot of travelling but unfortunately, we are unable to do this now. So I am now having the world travel to me … Read More

Woolswap Giveaway

Once a month Woolswap hosts a giveaway over on their instagram account. It’s giveaway time once again over at Woolswap on Instagram.  Head on over for your chance to win the following from Stitchcraft and Wizardry: 1 x 100 grams SW Merino/Nylon/Gold Stellina 4 Ply – colourway: Fruit Tingle 1 x large project bag 1 … Read More