What extras should you consider putting in your Woolswap parcel? With the next round of Woolswap open again in a few days time, I thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips on what to put in your Woolswap parcel. When you join Woolswap you are asked some questions on your … Read More

An Interview with Fiber Lily

Welcome to the first of my blogs where I will be showcasing some Indie Dyers who will share their story and also some Woolswappers who will be sharing their Woolswap experience with us all. So the first cab off the rank is Kyle Vitnell from Fiber Lily who I came across when I first started … Read More

My trip to the Brisbane Show – EKKA

My Experience at the Brisbane Show – EKKA For the last twenty-four years that I have lived in Brisbane, I have only been to the Brisbane Agriculture show once.  This is where the country comes to the city every August and known by locals as the EKKA.  This year I  thought it was high time … Read More


Well, it sure has been awhile since I last wrote a blog for you guys, for which I do apologise.  This, in turn, corresponds to it also being awhile since I last completed a finished knitted item. I thought at one stage that I could be a monogamous knitter, but gosh was I wrong.  You see, … Read More


Greetings from Liverpool. Wow, it has been awhile since I last wrote my blog, but as some of you are aware, my partner and I have been on the road traveling since September 2016 and have finally made our way over to the UK. We have just under four months left of our trip to … Read More

My Love Affair with Sock Knitting

As most of you know that I am so addicted to sock knitting, which just mystifies me sometimes.  You see over the years my knitting skills have ranged from jerseys (back in the days when I grew up in New Zealand) and beanies, as I tend to get bored with any new item of knitting … Read More

Local Yarn Store in Athens

My mission on my twelve months trip around the globe,  is to try and find at least one local yarn store in the city that we travel to. Upon wondering the streets of Athens recently on a Sunday we came across this local yarn store that had a really cool sign on their roller door. … Read More