Knitting Yarn Store in Hong Kong

Since I have been on my travels from September 2016, I have not been able to buy any yarn (except in New Zealand), as the countries that I have visited so far, namely, Malaysia and Thailand are lacking in yarn shops.  Lucky I brought along a stash of knitting yarn, enough to last a year I’m … Read More


A few weeks ago I thought of the idea of knitting my better half a pair of mittens.  Now have been knitting for quite some time now and do not remember ever knitting any mittens before.  But hey how hard could it be right? Well to my disbelief my first hurdle was trying to find … Read More

Who is my favourite Indie Dyer?

Today I wanted to write about one of my favourite Indie Dyers who comes from Hereford, England, United Kingdom and her name is Kate Selene. I stumbled across her when I realised my love for Indie Dyers and was searching through Etsy. I instantly fell in love with her wool as the bright colours drew me … Read More

Who does not like getting a parcel?

That’s right, put your hand up if you do not like getting a parcel.  Lucky I can’t see you as I’m not sure I have ever met anybody that does not like receiving parcels in the mail.  Even better, what about the idea of receiving a surprise parcel containing something that you are passionate about? … Read More

Second Sock Syndrome

I am now 5 weeks in on my round the globe trip and have been loving being back in my home country of New Zealand. Have had plenty of time to just relax and hang with my mother and this has given me an abundance of time to do some more knitting of my passion at … Read More