Who can participate?

Anyone can enter but you must comply with the following:

  • You must have a valid email address
  • You must register on our website to participate in each swap
  • Have an Instagram account name ( this is not compulsory, however, this is the social media platform that Woolswap uses to promote any future Woolswaps and to offer great giveaways as well).

Are we required to purchase new yarn or can we share yarn from our stash?

You can most certainly use wool from your stash or you might want to purchase some new wool from say a local yarn supplier. The only requirement is that you must put in your parcel a minimum of 100 grams of yarn.

When will registrations be open?

Registrations will be held at least every 2 months, generally around the beginning of each month, but this may change from time to time. Once registrations are open, they will be open for a period of 2 weeks only.

After registrations close, how soon will I receive details of my fellow Woolswapper?

You will receive your details within one week from the close of registrations.  Woolswap personally matches you up, so this process is not computer generated.

After I receive my details of my Woolswapper, should I contact them?

Yes, absolutely you should try and do this straight away.  Woolswap is not an anonymous swap and communication is a major part of this swap.  After all, you want to get to know your fellow Woolswapper so that you know what exactly to send them.

When should I send my Woolswap parcel?

You will have four weeks from the date that you receive your Woolswap partner details and this date will be notified to you in an email from Woolswap and will also be available on the Membership page of this website.  You will be required to keep a receipt of your postage so that in the event of something happening or going astray, you will be asked to provide Woolswap with a copy of this.

What happens if I can’t get my package mailed by the deadline?

Woolswap is very serious about these deadlines to avoid disappointment for your partner but we realise that sometimes life does get in the way. We need communication from you immediately if something happens that prevents you from your commitment.  Get in touch with us straight away via email so we can discuss the situation.

*Please be warned that failure to honour the mailing deadlines or failure to communicate with us will result in banning you from all future swaps with no refund being given.

Why is there a registration fee?

The registration fee is to help pay for the time spent organising and maintaining Woolswap and to ensure that participants are truly devoted to providing their Woolswapping partner with a great package of goodies.

Once I have signed up, will I need to sign up for any future Woolswaps?

Unless you have chosen the yearly option, (that gives you access to 6 swaps throughout a 12 month period), you will need to sign up for every swap.  If you do sign up for the 6 swap option, we will send you at the beginning of each swap your details so that you can confirm if any changes etc.

How many people will I be matched up with?

You will be matched up with just the one person, who you will send to and they will send to you.  In the event of an odd number registering, one lucky registration will be matched up with one of the team from Woolswap itself.

What details will I be given of the fellow woolswapper that I have been matched up with?

You will be given their email address, Instagram name, postal address and details of what yarn they are after and what they like doing etc. We then suggest you get in contact with them via email and Instagram to see if you need any further information about them. Remember this is an avenue to make some new friends from around the world.

What should I put in my Woolswapping box?

Depending on the woolswap you signed up for either a minimum of 100gms of yarn that you think your Woolswapping partner will enjoy and the rest is up to you. Use your imagination here, it could be cute notebooks, needles, patterns, knitting notations, teas and chocolates to name a few.

What happens if I am unable to send my Woolswapping box?

You should let us know within 7 days after being matched up.   Remember by signing up you are committing to providing a parcel to your new Woolswapping person. If you fail to send, you will be banned from any future wool swapping events with no refund.

What happens if I am not matched up with my preferences?

In most cases, we will do our best to match based on your preferences, but in some cases, this may not be viable, due to the number of registrations that we receive for each swap.   For example, you may have requested that you are matched with somebody in your own country, but in some cases, you may have to be matched with somebody worldwide.

Is Woolswap responsible for the delivery and receipt of your Woolswap Parcel?

No! This will solely be your responsibility. Woolswap is only a matching service for people who love yarn.

Can you advise me on any postage, shipping taxes, fees, duties, VAT or any other related costs?

No! This is an area that we are not experts in and every country is different.  Go online, talk to your local postal facility or even check with your woolswapper.

What we suggest you do is consider the approx cost of postage and discuss with your Woolswapper about what you are prepared to pay.  This will help keep the cost of postage down etc.

Woolswap will not be held responsible for any of these extra fees.

What if my parcel arrives with damaged goods?

Woolswap will not be responsible for any Woolswap packages that arrive damaged.  This will need to be taken up with your Woolswapper or postal service.

What if my package doesn’t arrive?

Woolswap will allow up to 6 weeks from the postage cut off date for each swap,  for all packages including international packages to arrive at their destination before organising for one of our Woolswap Heroes to step up and organise a replacement parcel. You must get in touch with Woolswap straight away if you haven’t received your swap package after this time period.

What is a Woolswap Hero?       

A Woolswap Hero is a great bunch of very kind people in this fabulous yarny community that has volunteered to provide replacement parcels should you not receive a parcel.  This will all be organised by Woolswap but may not be guaranteed.

Should you wish to become a Woolswap Hero, please contact [email protected] for further information regarding this.