(Dollar amounts charged in US dollars)
We now have an option where you can donate one Woolswap to somebody else. $16 swap will get you one swap + one donated swap and $35 will get you the 6 swaps in a 12-month period + one donated swap. Please read more info about this on the Share the Love page.
You can now choose if you would like to only participate in a Minimalist swap. This means you only want to send 100 grams of yarn and a couple of extra things of your choice. If you choose both this means you are okay to do either a minimalist or a normal swap.
Tell us about what is your favourite yarn at the moment. Tell us what would like to receive, it could be a particular brand or a new indie yarn dyer that you have not tried before.
Tell us what you like creating, whether it be socks, beanies or trying some new technique.
This could be needles, tea, chocolate, soaps, note books, patterns and anything else you think you would like to go with your preferred craft
From time to time we will need to call on Woolswap Heroes to step in and send a fellow Woolswapper a lovely parcel of yarn goodness. So if you are interested in helping out a fellow Woolswapper who has not received a parcel, through no fault of their own, would love to have you on board.
I agree to the Woolswap Terms and Conditions