Woolswap 1st Birthday

That’s right folks Woolswap turns 1 in July, come join the party and celebrations with giveaways and more exclusively for Woolswap members only.

If you join the next round in July, you will be eligible for the following great prizes:

  • Your chance to win your registration fee back.  There will be one draw for the $8 membership and one draw for the $35 membership.  This will be open to new members only.
  • For all current members and new members of the July Woolswap, you will go into the draw to win two 100gram Skeins of Indie Dyed yarn and some other little goodies. So, in fact, you will be all in for a chance to win your own Woolswap parcel, put together by Woolswap.
  • Exclusive discounts to some fantastic Indie Dyers from across the globe.  These discounts are exclusive to members of the July Woolswap only.

So that is 3 good reasons why you should join the next round of Woolswap.  Come join the party and help Woolswap celebrate their 1st birthday.

Check out the Become A Woolswapper page for more details on how Woolswap works.