Woolswapper Reviews

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This is only my second swap participating with Woolswap and am extremely happy. I like the fact that they pair you with the same person. I believe that more care is taken because you and your partner get to know one another. I will definitely continue to participate with them.

Sally Campbell    August 23, 2019   Pamplin, Virginia US   
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This has been my sixth Woolswap. I have enjoyed everyone, meeting new people around the world. I liken it to a penfriendship . Although it’s now done online.
Getting to know someone new and creating a parcel of goodies from your country to showcase your favorite things.

Prue Manson    August 19, 2019   New Zealand   
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I've done a few woolswaps now and I'm always blown away by my partners! Theyve all sent amazing parcels, and they've all been lovely people. I even still speak to a few through Instagram. It's also a really good way of trying new yarn you've not heard of, and sharing favourite dyers/designers/blogs etc. You get to chat to amazing people while you get amazing goodies and yarn. What more could you want!

Lucy Cree    July 12, 2019   Middlesbrough, England   
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I love joining woolswap. So nice to meet fellow knitters and try out yarn etc from their country. Some I only talk with that one time when we are woolswap partners, and some I still stay in touch with. It is an amazing opportunity to meet other knitters, but also to try out new yarn.

Torunn    July 4, 2019   Norway   
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I love the idea of woolswap - an old fashioned pen pal with the bonus of yarn! Who wouldn't want to try that? 🙂
I was paired with a partner from Australia and I'm all the way in Canada - I don't think you get a further distance between two swappers. Literally around the world. As we corresponded we realized we had a lot on common - regular stuff like our pets and families, etc but we also shared a love of Bon Jovi! LOL Fabulous! My partner Raelene was amazing at asking questions (I'm not so great at that) and she put together the most amazing package. So much thought and care went into it. I honestly couldn't be believe my eyes when I unwrapped it. Beautiful Australian yarn but also all sorts of treats from down under and a beautiful book about sock knitting! I might have cried! She absolutely blew me away. So much more than I ever expected. I think I might need to send her another package with more goodies!

Gayle did a fantastic job of matching us and I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I hope to remain email pales with my partner and would definitely say I've made a new friend. Thank you for bringing us together!

Tania Brewin    July 1, 2019   Calgary Canada   
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Woolswap is a great way to meet like minded makers, all around the globe. This is my first experience with any type of fiber exchange and I am so pleased I signed up for an entire year of six swaps. I will definitely be signing up for the new season.
How fun it is to receive gorgeous yarn from different locations? Not to mention the pretty dishtowels from New Zealand or Greece of Virginia. People say, "Nice bag" and I say "It was a gift from my Woolswap Partner."
It isn't just the exchange of a package of goodies(which is super), Woolswap is a way to be introduced to interesting people who live thousands of miles away but share an interest. You follow one another on Instagram, Ravelry and Facebook. You get to know one anther virtually. Learn about each other's families and it just broadens one's perspective.
Woolswap is a wonderful community of creative people. I find it inspiring. The ongoing friendships is an excellent benefit of Woolswap/
I enjoy making purchases and selections for my partner. Hoping to surprise and please them with the well considered choices I make for them is quite satisfying. So far it seems no one has been disappointed. HOORAY for WOOLSWAP! and all the hard work Gayle does to make it happen so smoothly for us all! Thank you.

Ruth Ella Hendricks    July 1, 2019   Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA   
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I love joining in things that are close to me. So it was a no brainer for me to join in wool swap. I love chatting and getting to know my partner so I can pack a package that’s just right for that person. It’s also brings that bit of joy receiving some snail mail to our letter box.

Elizabeth Toohey    June 27, 2019   Tasmania, Australia   
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I really love getting to participate in Woolswap. This was my first time, and I feel like it went great! My partner and I were able to get to know each other, and I learned a lot. I also received yarn and related items that I would never splurge on for myself. It was an all-around great experience, and I can't wait to be able to do it again!

Cassandra Waldron    June 22, 2019   Tennessee, United States   
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I LOVE participating in Woolswap! It’s so much fun to curate a package for your partner, I like to shop local handmade businesses so I can send my partner a taste of the Calgary fibre community and include items from my favourite shops. Receiving a package is so exciting, finding items inside that were selected just for you is an incredible feeling, it makes each item extra special. The best part is making a new friend!

Rose    May 27, 2019   Calgary/Canada   
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I was paired with an amazing woman in Norway who spoiled me beyond belief! I am so blessed to have been paired with her and made a new friend. I can’t wait to find the perfect patterns for me extra special yarns from Norway and Germany. She nailed it and sent the perfect package. If you are considering Woolswap, take the leap and join!

Katie Goodhart    May 6, 2019   Montana USA