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I can’t say enough good things about woolswap! I have done other fiber shares and this one is by far superior! Not only is it a quicker turn around time but they require contact between partners. No wondering if you’ll ever receive anything or if you’ll hear from them. You and your buddy talk, learn more about each other and are able to swap packages that are just perfect for one another. If you are on the fence, just do it! You won’t regret it.

Kelly    May 2, 2018   Richmond Hill, Ga, USA   
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I came across woolswap on Instagram, and the whole idea intrigued me, I did a little research into some other schemes but felt that this was the right one for me. I have nothing but good experiences with my woolswap partners. After signing up last year on an ad hoc basis and enjoying the experience greatly, I joined up for a full year in Jan of this year. Its great fun, getting to know your yarn buddy and putting together the parcel, and for me, it feels like Christmas has come every few months. 🙂

Lorraine    February 23, 2018   United Kingdom   
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Being a knit designer, I have found Woolswap to be a great way to make new yarny friends from all over the world. You get exposed to new yarn dyers, get yummy treats and meet new people. Putting together yarny care packages is SO much fun. And getting fantastic packages in return is not so bad either!

Afifa Sayeed    February 8, 2018  
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When I joined Woolswap for the first time about a year ago, I didn't really know what would happen. But I was exited to make crafty friends all over the world and to discover yarns, candies and notions from other countries that I could never get here where I live. And I was blown away by the wonderful connetions I made during the swap rounds last year. Yes, I signed up every new round and totally enjoyed it. First the matching process, who will be my partner this time? Then choosing the yarns and extras for my partner. That is so fascinating to discover the preferences of the partner and to learn new thing I would never have found without that. And then finally getting your own parcel. I love the surprise when I open the package and see what my partner chose for me. I loved every single skein of yarn and extras. So if you are in doubt, just try and join. It's great!!!

Annegret Pohl    January 21, 2018   Germany   
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I first came across the woolswap on instagram. As a yarn lover and having participated in a xmas gift exchange for a couple of years, I decided to give it a go. After signing up for the first woolswap and loving it, I decided to sign up for the whole year when the next turn came around! While the xmas gift exchanges were fun, this experience was even more fun for me! You know exactly who you're swapping with, you know what yarn and colours they prefer or don't prefer, and you get the joy of 'meeting' someone new and shopping for them! And even better, you know that the gift you're going to get in return is going to be yarn! I have met some lovely ladies so far and still chat with them through instagram. If you're a yarn lover and are keen to make some more friends, and meet some new yarn, then make sure you sign up!

Seona    October 31, 2017   Perth, Western Australia   
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I'm on to my fourth woolswap now and absolutely loving it.
The recent inclusion of woolswapper only discount codes is cool and has introduced me to some great new indie dyers, as have my swap partners!
I've recieved wonderful parcels from all over the world with a great range of inclusions and made some new cyber friends to boot. Its lots of fun putting together the parcels for your swap mate and chatting with them to see what they might like - the last parcel I sent had a major zombie theme!
If you can't decide whether to give it a go or not - what have you got to lose? Worst case, you get at least 100g of yarn.. best case, you get an awesome swap parcel (seriously, have you seen some of the pictures?!) , plus you may make a lifelong fiber-friend and get addicted to woolswapping!

Natasha Laskey    October 28, 2017   Orroroo   
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I am loving being involved in Woolswap. It is so nice to swap yarny delights with someone outside of my close circle of knitting friends. Reaching out and connecting with your Woolswap partner is easy to do. A few emails back and forth (plus the initial email with your partner details) and I am ready to start shopping for my next partner. It is a delight to open surprise packages full of yarn. You can send as little or as much as you like. I prefer to agree with the partner in how much we swap, that way no one gets disappointed by receiving less than giving. I have managed to receive yarns from Australian Indie Dyers that I haven't knitted with before so this is a bonus. My last swap I received a beautiful handmade zombie doll. She is taking pride of place in my shop.

Charmaine Summers    October 22, 2017   Valley View, SA, Australia   
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I first heard of woolswap through my cousin, she joined fibre share and I missed the deadline and she told me about this one. I joined because I wanted to surprise someone and also wanted to be surprised in return, who doesn't love yarn mail right?! Upon registering I received emails from the owner telling me about my partner of whom I then messaged to find more about. I absolutely loved putting together the parcel for my partner and was delighted when she received and was so spoilt by a package in return 😍 I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone if they'll listen to me. I had a most awesome experience

renee-louise Struthers    October 11, 2017   Adelaide   
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My textile story is such a long one, but I'll give you the abridged version of why I use Instagram every day (sometimes a lot more than once a day), and why I have fallen in love with Woolswap and will continue to participate in Woolswap for as long as it is around 😊

Being a Woolswapper allows me to share my love of colour, fibre and yarn with others in my global village (in real life, as well as on Instagram). More than receiving a carefully chosen parcel from someone else is the enjoyment I get from collecting items to share with my Woolswap friends, and also seeing all the photos of the parcels lovingly put together by others for others. I've even started a little trinket box of special little extras that I find along my travels, ready for my future Woolswappers 😊

If someone was wondering if Woolswap was for them? (trust me, it will be!)

Jen Arthy    October 11, 2017   Nanango, QLD, Australia   
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Describe why you feel that joining Woolswap was a success for you?

I liked the fun of getting a present in the mail that I hadn't picked out, and I equally liked looking up my swap partner and working out what I thought she would like. My partner spent heaps of time picking perfect colours for me and I did for her. I liked that we could contact each other beforehand and we could set a price with each other so we didn't have to feel like we've disappointed by not doing enough or be disappointed!
It was such a lot of fun to be part of and I'm so glad I signed up for 6 months.

If a potential client was on the fence about whether to join Woolswap or not, what would you say to them?

I'd say go for it! it is such a lot of fun and a great way of connecting with other people with similar interests.

Cindy Walter    August 21, 2017   New Zealand