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I discovered Woolswap and it's by far my favorite swap. I joined because I love connecting with other knitters/crocheters and love to receive yarn and fun mail. I tried it out a few times before buying the annual membership and haven't been disappointed yet. Gayle who runs it is very quick to respond to questions and has made every round so much fun. It's fun to connect to stitchers who don't live nearby and enjoy the same passion. It's fun to make new friends all over the world! It's also fun to receive local goodies from their hometown. It's fun discovering new things. I recommend Woolswap to anyone who enjoys connecting with people & receiving fun mail.

Robyn G.    December 9, 2018   Montreal, Quebec, Canada   
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I joined Woolswap on a whim last year and am now on my sixth swap. I love it. I enjoy the process of putting together the parcel for my partner based on the information received by Gayle and the communication with my partner. and once the parcel is posted the exciting wait for my parcel to arrive begins. When it arrives it feels like Christmas, the yarns are always gorgeous and a lot of thought goes into the little additions to the parcel. You connect with your partner via social media and this is also an easy way to keep in touch and follow your partner's creative journey. I can only recommend Woolswap.

Angela Ash    November 11, 2018   Forestville, Australia   
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I love my woolswap, and am so excited with the two times I have done it, I wish my budget allowed me to every time! I would recommend everyone tries it at least once, especially the international ones because you get yummy wool and stuff from around the world!

Nicki    November 4, 2018   New Zealand   
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I absolutely love being apart of Woolswap! I have met so many great people and have made some true friends that I have stayed in contact with past the swap. Woolswap introduced me to a fiber community that I adore! Not only is it fun to put together the perfect swap for your partner but you wouldn’t believe the swaps you receive! So much thought goes into everything! Along with that, I’ve received much needed project advice and recommendations on other interests. I recommend Woolswap for any and every of my wool lovers out there!

Kellie    October 31, 2018   USA   
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I joined Woolswap because I love yarn, knitting and meeting new people who has the same hobbies. When I joined this time I got a person that matched me perfect. When I received the parcel it was like Christmas. All the yarn was perfect and the small gifts that she sent me were just to my liking.

I will definitely join Woolswap again and would have to tell other people who are wondering if they should participate in Woolswap to do it.

Camilla Gåsland Innvær    October 30, 2018   NORWAY   
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I was a bit nervous about joining in Woolswap but took the plunge 2rounds ago. I am so glad I did!
I really enjoyed making up the parcels and finding nice things that I thought my partner would enjoy. I learned a lot and found some new online shops and made new friends.
The parcels I have received have been well prepared and thoughtful. It is like Christmas morning when it arrives as you have no idea what is going to be in it.
I am still in contact with my partners.
If you are hesitating I would say go for it! You don't have to spend a lot, just thoughtfully.
Join in the fun!

Wendy MARTINDALE    August 11, 2018   Moreton, Wirral   
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I am very pleased to come across Woolswap few months ago. I am on my third one and I'm going to keep going at this. Joining Woolswapper is very amazing and everybody is so kind, most importantly, Gayle who runs this is amazing. She tries her hardest to match other swappers and has done an amazing job. Not only she tries hard, she has been accurate with matches! I have built a little bit of connection with Gayle, building a connection made me feel awesome and excited to do the woolswap. If you are ever on the fence, shoot Gayle an email, say hello and explain yourself and woolswap. But to save you time, I say DO IT!!!! Sometimes you just need to dive in and explore things right? Through woolswap, I have built friendships along the way, and I even stay in touch with my fellow woolswapper friends! Everybody is respectful, kind, loving, and excited. Woolswapping is an exciting thing to go through!! It is great to converse with what we all have in common! I can't express myself enough how amazed I am with this! Thank you for your time in reading this. 🙂

Chynae Hannam    June 4, 2018   California, USA   
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I'm a knitter and yarn collector . On every trip - I'll find some yarn shop to add a collection of some new yarns. But there is so many yarn shop and just few trips. So - like every yarnadict - Woolswap is the best way to exchange stocks and try some new "drugs" 🙂 Don't think, just join to the next Woolswap - it's better than Christmas - because You definitely will get some new yarn and friend knitter in the world around.

JozaZilonis /Kristine    May 25, 2018   Riga, Latvia   
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I can’t say enough good things about woolswap! I have done other fiber shares and this one is by far superior! Not only is it a quicker turn around time but they require contact between partners. No wondering if you’ll ever receive anything or if you’ll hear from them. You and your buddy talk, learn more about each other and are able to swap packages that are just perfect for one another. If you are on the fence, just do it! You won’t regret it.

Kelly    May 2, 2018   Richmond Hill, Ga, USA   
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I came across woolswap on Instagram, and the whole idea intrigued me, I did a little research into some other schemes but felt that this was the right one for me. I have nothing but good experiences with my woolswap partners. After signing up last year on an ad hoc basis and enjoying the experience greatly, I joined up for a full year in Jan of this year. Its great fun, getting to know your yarn buddy and putting together the parcel, and for me, it feels like Christmas has come every few months. 🙂

Lorraine    February 23, 2018   United Kingdom