Woolswapper Reviews

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I have taken part in a couple Woolswaps and look forward to taking part whenever possible. I love it because I have gotten to know new people with similar interests. Also, I have been introduced to new yarns that I would never know about otherwise. I continue to communicate with the swappers I have been paired with.

Suzanne Bartlett    May 5, 2019   Maryland, USA   
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I’ve absolutely loved participating in Woolswap. I’ve met fiber friends around the world. It’s so much fun putting together packages that fit my partners’ interests while also reflecting my style and hometown. And then I get amazing things in return. Couldn’t be happier!!

Sari Holt    February 28, 2019   Baltimore, MD, USA   
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I join the Woolswap project because I realized I wanted to experience the Christmas miracle outside of this celebration. Get a surprise gift, both kids and adults love it. 🙂 It was a great pleasure for me to write to my Woolswap partner to plan what to add to the packet to send. As part of the project, when I received a sermon, I had the opportunity to test the yarn I hadn't used before.

Gunita Vucane    February 24, 2019   Latvia   
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I'm pretty shy and nervous about trying new things but I'm so glad I gave woolswap a chance! My matches have been spot on and I
really like that woolswap encourages communication and friendship with your matched partner. It has been so much fun meeting fellow knitters from around the world and trying new things 🙂 thank you

Courtney Lore    February 20, 2019   MUSCATINE   
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I absolutely love Woolswap! I have participated in a few now and have loved every single one. While it is fun to receive a woolly parcel, it is even more fun to make a parcel for someone else. I have made many new fibre friends and received lots of yarns from around the world that I would never have purchased. It is a simple process and it is very well organised. I would highly recommend joining Woolswap. Who doesn't need some more fibre friends?!

Jayne Marti    February 7, 2019   Tarrington, Victoria, Australia   
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I discovered Woolswap and it's by far my favorite swap. I joined because I love connecting with other knitters/crocheters and love to receive yarn and fun mail. I tried it out a few times before buying the annual membership and haven't been disappointed yet. Gayle who runs it is very quick to respond to questions and has made every round so much fun. It's fun to connect to stitchers who don't live nearby and enjoy the same passion. It's fun to make new friends all over the world! It's also fun to receive local goodies from their hometown. It's fun discovering new things. I recommend Woolswap to anyone who enjoys connecting with people & receiving fun mail.

Robyn G.    December 9, 2018   Montreal, Quebec, Canada   

I just had to try Whoolswap after a friend of mine did it! And I loved it! I would for shure do it again. I love the idea of sending and receive whool from a woolswapper friend! What I also like is that what’s my woolswapper friend may not use, I can use, and the same for me, what I don’t use, maybe she/he would use for something. It’s a win-win situation 🙂 And I’ts so funny to Give some litle extra gifts 🙂 You will also get a new friend, with the same passion as you! I would definitely do it again 🙂

Izabell Ruud Gasowski    November 14, 2018   Norway   
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I joined Woolswap on a whim last year and am now on my sixth swap. I love it. I enjoy the process of putting together the parcel for my partner based on the information received by Gayle and the communication with my partner. and once the parcel is posted the exciting wait for my parcel to arrive begins. When it arrives it feels like Christmas, the yarns are always gorgeous and a lot of thought goes into the little additions to the parcel. You connect with your partner via social media and this is also an easy way to keep in touch and follow your partner's creative journey. I can only recommend Woolswap.

Angela Ash    November 11, 2018   Forestville, Australia   
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I love my woolswap, and am so excited with the two times I have done it, I wish my budget allowed me to every time! I would recommend everyone tries it at least once, especially the international ones because you get yummy wool and stuff from around the world!

Nicki    November 4, 2018   New Zealand   
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I absolutely love being apart of Woolswap! I have met so many great people and have made some true friends that I have stayed in contact with past the swap. Woolswap introduced me to a fiber community that I adore! Not only is it fun to put together the perfect swap for your partner but you wouldn’t believe the swaps you receive! So much thought goes into everything! Along with that, I’ve received much needed project advice and recommendations on other interests. I recommend Woolswap for any and every of my wool lovers out there!

Kellie    October 31, 2018   USA