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Through very considerate matching, my 1st swap partner was matched to be in my same state. This made the fun of introducing my partner to a unique dyer or spinner more challenging for us both. My package was a WINNER with a super tote bag, book, 5 skeins of commercial yarn and 1 skein HANDSPUN.

Overall, I am very excited to continue in the next swap rounds - my new partner is in Australia and we are already communicating in email and via Ravelry. (So excited to learn she is a sewist and loves FABRIC, too!)

In this time if social distance, it is a real relief to reach out virtually to new connections. I'll play along as long as possible!

Cat Weaver    September 29, 2020   N.Carolina, USA   
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I absolutely love Wool Swap..simply the best way to get to "meet" and make new friends from all around the world...then there is the excitement of receiving a parcel full of amazing goodies ...Christmas at any time of the year.
If you love yarn, give it a go, you will not be disappointed!

Tanja Kedian    June 18, 2020   South Africa   
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I have absolutely loved being a part of the Woolswap family. Everyone I’ve been partnered with has been really down to earth and so great to buy for. No one has had really out there demands, it’s just been a lovely friendly experience. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re on the fence, there are loads of friendships just waiting to be made.

Pauline Mcwilliam    February 19, 2020   Scotland   
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I just finished my 5th WoolSwap. It is so much fun to get yarn brands that are different from what you would normally buy as well as extras. This round my partner and I did a 500g swap and used an Amazon wish list to purchase extras we knew we would want/need! Go in with an open mind and clear intentions with your partner and you can’t be anything but pleased!

Holly Zegalia    February 17, 2020   Maryland, USA   
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I saw about Woolswap on Instagram & looked into it. I loved how it was run differently than other big swaps. So decided to join for the 1st round of 2020. My partner & I got to know each other & while we agreed upon our swap, she sent me some extras too!
I also had a blast putting together the pkg for my partner. It was so fun shopping for her & I hope she enjoys it when it arrives!
I can't wait to participate again!!!

Jennifer Peirson    February 17, 2020   Alberta, Canada   
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I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to meet like minded yarn crafters around the world. I've made new friends, learned about new places, and gotten a taste of another area's woolcraft. If you haven't tried this out, you should!

Noa Boshnack    February 3, 2020   Oceanside, USA   
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I have participated in two rounds of Wollswap and I have been more than satisfyed both times. You get to know new friends that share the same interest as you. I will definitely participate again.

Cecilia Trygg    January 25, 2020   Sweden   
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I joined Woolswap because I live in a country where I don’t have easy access to yarn and wool and to meet other knitters from different places. I’ve had really great experiences each time! I’ve made some friends and they’ve sent me wonderful goodies. I’ve also had a fun time shopping for their packages too. Unlike other exchange programs, the partner you give to is the same person that sends to you, so there is a deeper process of getting to know the person. It’s been super fun and I’ll continue to participate! Happy swapping!

Gilda Escobar    October 22, 2019   DUBAI, UAE   
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I am delighted to be asked to give a testimonial for Woolswap. I’ve been watching all the fabulous parcels landing via Instagram for quite a while. I’ve also been part of year long swap yarn groups.

Woolswap stands out for the warmth and care of the organisers. Also the opportunity to be part of an international community. I’ve had four overseas swap partners and it has been lovely to chat online with them about their yarny lives - yarn festivals, knitting groups and to discover new dyers local to where they live. Sometimes you find yourself sharing much more of your life than you expect.

I’ve been totally blown away by the thought and generosity of my swap partners. It’s also been a joy to plot the contents to include in a gift parcel. There is always that “heart in the mouth” time between sending a parcel and seeing the reaction. Sometimes it’s the little things that have made the swapper smile.

One more thing about the organisers. They have got their system down to a tee. All eventualities are considered - from lost parcels to customs advice. And you can do as many or as few swaps as you like.

Thanks to the team. We really appreciate all you do.

Karen Walkden    October 1, 2019   London, UK   
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I started participating in Woolswap in 2019. I am enjoying the experience tremendously. I like the fact that this is a direct share between two people. I think it’s helpful to negotiate with a known partner to agree on the amount and type of fiber that will be sent. I have participated in others that have been a “Rolling Thunder” where person A gives to person B and person B gives to person C. I find that platform a bit more difficult trying to infer what a partner would like to receive from a brief survey or interview.

Gayle Is a gracious and helpful moderator. She is very fair and supportive. I feel that the cost to participate is minimal compared to what one receives in return. Keep communication lines open with her. She is very helpful in return if I questions or concerns arise about what I am going to send or whether it has reached my partner safely. She is very generous with the time that she puts into this endeavor.

One of my partners did not reciprocate, and Gayle went to the moon and back to find a person to send me a replacement package. My Fibre Angel Lindsey was a surrogate and was very generous.

I would urge you to give WOOLSWAP a try. It is so much fun to be introduced to people in different countries. All of the people that I have exchanged with been very generous. Right now I am smiling because I must admit that I am enjoying one of the candy treats that my last partner sent.

Go for it. You will have lots of fun!

Lois Chabalowski    September 9, 2019   Menasha,Wisconsin USA