A donation of $8 from you will give a fellow yarn lover the opportunity to participate in one round of Woolswap.

If you have had fun participating in Woolswap in the past and want to share the love by paying it forward well now is your chance, to give that same opportunity to somebody else. 

Your Woolswap recipient will be notified by email who gave them their membership.  Of course, if you want to remain anonymous that is fine as well.


Your gift will go into a pool of money that has been donated and as soon as we have one $8 donation we will be able to pay this forward to one lucky yarn lover.  For example at the end of each Woolswap registration period, we will tally up the number of donations and work out how many free Woolswaps can be given out.

  1. 1st Level – $8.00
  2. 2nd Level $35.00 – 6 x yearly swaps within a 12 month period
  3. Custom amount of your choice.  Every $8 of this amount will go towards a free Woolswap.

Option 2 and 3 will only be available on the donation page and not on the registration form.

Then some lucky people will be randomly chosen for a Woolswap membership.  These people will be taken from a list where they have registered their interest to receive a free Woolswap.

If you want to be apart of sharing the Woolswap love, you can do so at any time by clicking on the donate button.  If you want to do this during registration, there will be an option on the form for you to add your $8 donation to your registration.


Here is how you can make a difference to a fellow yarny person from around the world.

  • Donate at any time by heading on over to the Share the Love page.
  • Donate during the registration period.  There will be two options as follows:
  • $16 – 100 grams – With Share the Love
  • $43 – Unlimited yearly swaps – Share the Love

These will be options will be available in the drop-down box on the registration form. 


If you really want to join Woolswap, but due to circumstances you are unable to afford to pay, please register your interest on the Share the Love request page.   Once you have registered you will go into a random draw to receive one free Woolswap.  Please remember the number drawn will solely depend on how many donations are received from other generous Woolswappers.   So for example, if we get enough for 10 free Woolswaps then we will randomly select 10 lucky people who have registered as a recipient of Woolswap Share the Love.

An important thing to note is if you do register as a recipient of Woolswap Share the Love and you are chosen, you must abide by the terms and conditions of Woolswap and the main ones are that you must communicate with your partner and of course send them a parcel.

If you do not wish to miss out on joining Woolswap, you will need to register in the normal manner and pay accordingly as your selection is not always guaranteed.