A few weeks ago I thought of the idea of knitting my better half a pair of mittens.  Now have been knitting for quite some time now and do not remember ever knitting any mittens before.  But hey how hard could it be right?

Well to my disbelief my first hurdle was trying to find a suitable pattern.  You see I am a girl that must follow a pattern at all times.  This is going to change in the new year, though and that is another story for another time…..

I managed to find a free pattern that had no pictures, so thought I would give it a try.  Followed the instructions and the first one came out way to small and this was not due to my needle size being wrong.

My first attempt

 Moral of the story here is to always find a knitting patterns that have pictures ( I read that somewhere recently and reckon that is such a good tip).  So went back to my comfy knitting of socks, whilst I sat staring at this too small mitten and pondering where I could find a pattern this time.  After a few weeks of this, I finally found a pattern called Templeton Mittens by Meg Hollar.  The original pattern is for a ribbed style mitten, but I decided to knit mine plain.

After finishing the first mitten and it fit my partner in crime’s hand perfectly, I was well pleased.  But then came the task of frogging the other smaller mitten, that I had been staring at for weeks.  Now my other issue (yes you can see a theme happening here) was that as I was using up scraps from my stash, there maybe a slight chance that I would run out of wool.  Anyway it all turned out perfectly in the end as played yarn chicken right to the end and won.  Yippee!!

The end result, happy days !!

So end result was that Dean got a nice pair of new mittens for our upcoming trip to Japan in January and I was happy.

Just to set the record straight though, I did not enjoy that knitting experience of those dam mittens,  at all and will be sticking to my glorious sock knitting which I am so addicted to, it is insane.

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