Vogue Knitting – The Ultimate Knitting Book

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Vogue Knitting – The Ultimate Knitting Book

At the end of last year, I purchased the The Ultimate Knitting Book by Vogue Knitting as I wanted to have a reference book that had all my knitting references in the one place.

I normally rely on the internet and Youtube if I am stuck on a certain knitting technique, but then I would always forget where I found that reference. Which would lead to precious time wasting searching for it again. Hence why I purchased this book as I knew it would be a whole lot easier to just reach over to my book case to find my solution.

I love this book because it has all aspects of knitting covered for a beginner and an experienced knitter like myself. I was quite interested in learning some new knitting techniques this year and this book has helped me out a lot.

Topics covered are as follows:

Yarn and supplies

Basic techniques


Colour Knitting


Circular Knitting

Directional Knitting

Advanced Techniques

Understanding Instructions

Correcting Errors


Designing Sweaters

Designing Shawls

Designing accessories


Caring for your knitwear

I love it how each chapter has clear instructions, lots of pictures, well written and easy to understand. I particularly liked the Finishing section as this has shown me how to neatly finish off my knitting. The Designing Sweaters chapter also took my eye as this is definitely something that I want to delve into further in my near future.

Overall I would definitely recommend that you look at adding this beautiful book to your knitting books. Or if you have none yet, start with this one for sure.

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