Top 5 Tips on Being a Great Woolswapper

Today I wanted to give you my top 5 tips on being a great Woolswapper. These are the main topics that come up time and again from Woolswappers.

1. Communication

To make your Woolswap experience a lovely one, communication is a critical part of the swap process. You must contact your Woolswapper, preferably via email, or you can contact them via Social Media, either on Instagram or Facebook. I have had circumstances where Woolswappers have not had any contact with their partner, which leads to one of you feeling disappointed, and we don’t want that, now do we? So I ask that you take the time to communicate and learn more about your Woolswapper.

Communication with your Woolswapper

2. Your Partner Details

Please take the time to read your partner’s details thoroughly. Please pay attention to their likes and dislikes, as we don’t want Woolswappers to be sent items they do not wish to have. For example, if your partner states they do not like acrylic yarn, please do not send any. We have had circumstances where this has happened, leading to not-very-happy Woolswappers, as you can imagine. Just be considerate, and email them to find out further if there is not enough information. Remember to be very careful with what you send, and please ensure that you are not sending anything of inferior quality just because you want to get rid of it from your stash. Common sense prevails.

3. Emails from Woolswap

There may be circumstances in which I need to contact you via email for further information from time to time. Can I please ask that you try and respond to my emails as soon as possible? This is all part of keeping my business running smoothly, and there is usually another Woolswapper at the other end waiting for a response from me, etc. That is why I need you to respond to me promptly.

You’ve got Mail

4. Deadline for not receiving a parcel

Woolswap will investigate if you do not receive a parcel from your Woolswapper eight weeks after the due date of postage (as stipulated in the timetable). Or after the date, your package was sent from your Woolswapper. The last thing I want is for any Woolswapper to be disadvantaged. That is why I am happy to investigate, but we need to allow suitable time for the postal service to do its thing. So if this does happen, please get in touch with me as soon as possible.

5. Postage taxes, fees, duties, VAT or other related costs

This comes up quite regularly now as many countries worldwide charge a tax for recipients to receive their parcels.  Woolswap is not an expert in this field and does not give advice or is responsible for any of these charges.

We suggest you consider the approximate cost of postage and discuss with your Woolswapper what you are prepared to pay.  This will help keep the cost of postage down etc. If your country charges a fee to receive, please find out how this works so that you can advise your Woolswapper before they send you a parcel.

A nice gift-wrapped package

Above a just a few of the queries that I get regarding Woolswap. With these top 5 tips on how to be a great Woolswapper, you will have an enjoyable time.

Don’t be shy if you are unsure and have a question. Drop me a line, and I will happily chat with you via email.

Also, please check out the FAQ for further information.

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