Western Australian Indie Dyers – My Top 3

Since relocating to Perth, Western Australia in 2022, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering some incredible local indie dyers right here in my backyard. As a passionate supporter of small businesses, I’m thrilled to share my top three picks with you, all of which have found a special place in my personal yarn stash. Western Australian Indie Dyers. As I now live in Perth in Western Australia, I wanted to showcase my top 3 local Indie Dyers that I have come across since moving here in 2022. I have some of their beautiful yarn in my own personal yarn stash. Now it is just by chance that they are all from suburbs in Perth that are close to me. But hey what is wrong with supporting local small businesses right?

1. Penguin Road Yarns

My journey with Penguin Road Yarns began through a recommendation from one of my fellow Woolswappers. What struck me initially was the proximity of their studio – just a stone’s throw away from my in-laws’ place! Their exceptional service shone through when I mistakenly ordered the wrong ply of yarn; they graciously re-dyed it to my specifications without hesitation. While I’ve yet to cast on with their sumptuous yarns, their softness and squishiness promise delightful knitting sessions ahead. Check out their Etsy shop for a peek at their stunning offerings.

2. Rainbow and Sprinkles

My love affair with Rainbow and Sprinkles yarn dates back to my time in Brisbane, where I eagerly joined their monthly self-striping yarn club. The quality and vibrancy of their yarns never disappoint, and I’ve happily knitted up numerous pairs of socks with their creations over the years. Joining their yarn and sip club last year was an added treat, especially considering their proximity to me here in Perth. Swift postage means I’m never too far from indulging in their exquisite yarns, which you can admire in the photo below.

A bundle of squish from Rainbows and Sprinkles Yarn

3. Stitchcraft and Wizardry

Stitchcraft and Wizardry captured my heart years ago with their irresistibly soft yarns and whimsical charm. Attending one of their yarn dyeing workshops in their converted bus studio was an unforgettable experience, filled with laughter, creativity, and, of course, plenty of yarn shopping! Their yarns have become a staple in my stash, and I find myself returning to them time and time again for their exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service.

Such amazing bright colours from Stitchcraft and Wizardry

As I continue to explore the rich tapestry of Western Australian Indie Dyers, I’m grateful for the opportunity to support these talented indie dyers. Their dedication to their craft and commitment to quality inspires me every day, and I look forward to seeing where their creative journey takes them – and me!

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