My First Ever Giveaway

So about a month ago I did my first ever giveaway on Instagram.

As I will be travelling overseas for 12 months in September, I needed to cull my lovely wool stash.  So first up was some Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran wool – 2 x 50 grams balls.

aran giveaway instagram

I got 20 entries and the winner was a lovely lady by the name of Marie from Lincolnshire in England.  After making contact with her to tell her she was a winner, she was so excited as she had never won a competition on Instagram before.  The old saying “you got to be in it to win it” rings true here.  She was even more excited when I told her that the parcel would be coming from Brisbane, Australia.

Now I will always put in some sort of surprise with my giveaways and Marie was over the moon when I included a ball of Crucci Donegal Aran NZ wool.

She very kindly posted a picture on Instagram.

Photo by Marie Hamnett

Photo by Marie Hamnett

I was so excited myself that my first ever wool giveaway has made so much joy to somebody way across the other side of the world.

I will be aiming to do a giveaway once a month and where possible I will theme my giveaway from each country that I visit.   As I hope to visit as many wool stores as I can around the world, I think this will be easily achieved for me to re-stock my stash with some local yarn from each country.

So stay tuned as you have to be in to win it and you could just be the next happy winner like Marie.


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