My top 3 stitch marker makers. Whilst searching for stitch marker and project keeper makers, I have come across some wonderful creative small businesses in this field. I wanted to keep a supply of these beautiful accessories to have on hand. On the ready to pop into any Woolswap package that I might happen to make up. Oh and to keep some for me as well.

Here is a list of my top 3 picks for you.

1) Ginger and Cotton

Now Ginger and Cotton are based in Queensland, Australia. They have a wide range of stitch markers, project keepers, crochet tools, crochet cotton and crocheted items for sale. I especially love her stitch markers and project keepers. These are wonderfully hand made. They come beautifully packaged and make a brilliant extra that you can pop into your Woolswap package. So make sure you take the time to go check out her shop at Ginger and Cotton over on Etsy.

Ginger and Cotton Stitch Marker
Photo by Ginger and Cotton

2) Mrs G Makes

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda from Mrs G Makes on an episode of Woolswap Chat. You can find this on my Youtube channel. It was a delight and I certainly got further insight into her wonderful small business. She makes project keepers stitch markers and project bags. She is very passionate about what she does and it sure does show in her product. Last year I purchased her stitch marker advent calendar and I certainly was not disappointed at all. All the stitch markers are beautifully crafted by hand. They are all so pretty. To be honest, I cannot choose a favourite. Mrs G Makes is based in the UK and you should definitely check out her store.

Mrs G Makes Stitch Marker Maker

3) Kraftiara Markers

This wonderful maker is based in Switzerland. I first stumbled across this fabulous maker when they sent me some stitch markers for a Woolswap giveaway. My Woolswap giveaways are on my Instagram page every month. I was struck by the beauty of them, that I immediately purchased some for myself. They are perfect for crocheters and knitters alike. For your projects, or as a gift in your Woolswap package. If you are after something unique and want to support another fabulous small business, please check them Kraftiara Markers.

Kraftiara stitch marker maker


Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means if you purchase I can get a tiny kickback, at absolutely no extra cost to you.  I am a member of the affiliate program with Etsy.

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